Tough Shots Mastery Program

Tough Shots Mastery Program

Imagine Being More Confident, Consistent & In Control When You’re faced With a Tough Shot From a Bad Lie!

Are you like thousands of social golfers whose anxiety levels rise when you’re faced with a tough shot from a bad lie?

Have you ever considered just how many shots these tough lies cost you per round - per week - or even per year? – Surely it would be in the tens, hundreds or even thousands!

Like all golfers I’m sure you’ve been faced with a tough lie, then stressed out about it, then played a bad shot because of it and turned a good hole (or even a good round) into a bad one!

Now Imagine if it was the opposite…

IMAGINE...if you knew exactly what to do when you were faced with a tough lie!

IMAGINE... knowing how to easily and effortlessly play the ball from a tough lie to your next target!

Imagine how you would feel if this was possible!

Imagine how good your score would be if you could eliminate this fear, doubt and uncertainty from your game!

Well it’s time to stop imagining…

Golf University in conjunction with former Australian National Coach - Lawrie Montague have created a Tough Shots solution that is going to help you become more Confident, Consistent & In Control when you’re faced with a Tough Shot from a Bad Lie! It’s called the Tough Shots Mastery Program and it’s the Secret that will give you the KNOWLEDGE of exactly what to do and then HOW TO PLAY the right shot whenever you’re faced with a tough lie. Which will lower your scores – your anxiety levels – and ultimately allow you to enjoy your golf a lot more!

Tough Shots Mastery Program